The original layout given to me by IN-teriors' designers. This was presented to the client for installation at the Epic campus in Wisconsin. This design provided the room's major elements etc. It was my job to recreate the room in Cinema 4D and embellish.
An early draft. Initial models had a window showing the sunrise to indicate that this room belongs to Aurora (which means 'dawn'), the official name of 'Sleeping Beauty'.
This draft features the addition of a sleeping dragon, a fireplace, spinning wheel, more brambles, and colors revised to match the original presentation.
Many objects were based on real-life versions. I attempted to keep them as close as possible, with some additions made to make them more appropriate for the story. The spindle got thread, and the fireplace has an inscribed "S" and "B" on the mantle. 
Other elements were pure fantasy. The dragon gargoyle was softened to this more whimsical sleeping creature for the final. 
Based on client feedback, the window was moved into the main arch and another window for Aurora's nickname, "Briarose" was added. Sleeping Beauty herself was also added, and vines were grown using a Cinema 4D plugin designed for that purpose. 
A view of the final scene from above as it is being edited.
It was eventually decided that the design had strayed too far from the original presentation. The room layout was shifted and the room's colors and textures matched. The above final render includes an inscription in French which means, "True Love Awakens."
Finished project in situ
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